In the early hours of Thursday morning, a company truck belonging to DNL Plumbing was stolen out of New Bedford.

Kyle Lemieux, 29, said he was in charge of the truck when it was broken into on Shawmut Avenue and taken around 2 a.m. It wasn't until 6 a.m. that Lemieux realized the truck had gone missing as he was on his way out the door for work.

He immediately filed a police report. No security cameras in the area are known to have picked up any clues.

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The truck is a 2015 GMC utility service vehicle with license plate number S28016.

The vehicle was stocked with tools, copper piping and various plumbing necessities with an estimated value of $75,000. This does not include the value of the vehicle itself.

"I've worked for the company for over 10 years," Lemieux said. "I really hope someone spots the truck so I can make things right."

Anyone with information can contact New Bedford Police.

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