In Massachusetts, Lexington is probably best known for minutemen, the Battle Green and other historic landmarks relating to the town's role in the American Revolution. You may not think about the town's more notorious residents, though a recent listing could change that.

After decades of being privately owned, the historic Lexington property Ponzi scheme namesake, Charles Ponzi, once called home has hit the market once again.

Yes, Charles Ponzi lived briefly in the stunning seven bedroom property at 19 Slocum Road in Lexington and now for a mere $4.3 million, you could too.

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Charles Ponzi was a well-liked Italian immigrant who over a hundred years ago convinced wealthy Bostonians to invest in his get-rich-quick schemes. He had a network of employees and fake investments of all kinds, while actually using his investors money to support his lavish lifestyle.

One very lavish item he bought before it all fell apart in 1920 was his Lexington mansion complete with air conditioning and swimming pool.

His scheme was exposed later that same year and Ponzi was sentenced to five years in federal prison for mail fraud. His wife filed for bankruptcy and the house was sold in 1923 to cover his debts.

Nearly 90 years later, this huge, historic home was again up for sale and the Lexington Historical Society actually gave tours through the house, which at the time still held many items Ponzi himself had owned when he lived there.

Sadly after a few changes of hands in 2000, 2014 and 2021, the house has had major reconstructive work done and additions created, leaving not much of Ponzi's time inside.

Still it is a big, beautiful home with several historic details in tact. Keep scrolling to see the house where Ponzi lived for yourself.

See Inside the Former Lexington, MA Home of the Ponzi Scheme Creator

Just weeks before his arrest, Ponzi scheme creator Charles Ponzi bought a stunning seven bedroom home in Lexington, MA. Though he never had the chance to live in the luxurious house for long, a new owner will have that opportunity. The historic home is currently for sale once again and you can take a peek inside below.

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