Did you read "Arthur in a Pickle" as a kid and wish you could experience the book's pickle-filled world, if even just for a day?

Thanks to this annual pickle festival in New Hampshire, you can now dedicate one whole day a year to the sometimes salty, sometimes sweet, green treat.

The Winchester Pickle Festival is on for 2021, coming up later this month on September 25, and it truly is about everything-pickles. Historically, there's a pickle-eating competition, a canning contest, and more, all with trophies for winners that resemble none other than the festival's namesake – the pickle.

Winchester NH Pickle Festival

And although it may be hard to compete for the best part of the Pickle Festival, I think we may have just found our strongest contender in Mr. Pickle. Yes, there's a man that, over the years, has earned the title as Mr. Pickle, and he wears his green bolo hat proudly. Mr. Pickle's grand entrance is set to kick off the festival's festivities this year, and there will even be a chance for kiddos to take a photo with the man himself!

Winchester NH Pickle Festival

Enjoy the rest of your visit to the Winchester Pickle Festival by browsing through farmers market vendors, taking a peek at all of the pickle-themed goodies at the Pickle Festival gift shop, and stopping by the Town Hall lawn for a free pickle from Patriot Pickle Company. This year, there's even a chance to get vaccinated at the big event.

The full schedule of events has still yet to be announced, so you'll want to keep checking the festival's website or Facebook page for more details as the big-dill event gets a little closer.

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