Not exactly romantic..Imagine your man giving you a ring he stole and swallowed to do so! Goes in one way and out the other.



I cant even make this stuff up people! Manchester Police say the X-rays tell it like it is: A man who tried to escape from a New Hampshire jewelry store with a diamond ring worth $3,200 swallowed it.

Employees at Bellman's Jewelers say Ronald Perley came in Thursday and was looking for an engagement ring. That's when the 52-year-old picked up the ring and ran toward the door. According to The Huffington Post, workers confronted him, they then saw Perley put his hand to his mouth and swallow. He then played stupid, and said he didn't swallow anything. No problem for the police, they got a search warrant and brought him to Elliot Hospital, where X-rays showed the 14-karat white-gold ring with princess-cut diamonds in his belly. BTW...His $50,000 bail includes the ring's recovery.