A New Hampshire man managed to use his bare hands to kill a coyote that was attacking his infant son.

Honestly I know the animal lovers are probably not going to be thrilled with this story, but as a mom I can only hope I'd be able to do something like this in a similar situation.

The craziest thoughts can go through your mom brain sometimes and I'm sure the idea of what you would do if an animal attacked your child has been one of them (because I know it's been one of mine).

I hope I could pull off what this New Hampshire father did.

In an interview with CBS Boston, Ian O'Reilly recalled the terrifying moment a coyote came out of the woods and started attacking his two-year-old son while the family was on a winter walk in the woods.

He says the animal started pulling his son to the ground by his coat and that he just went into protection mode.

Ian says by instinct he just thought to get on top of the animal and cut off its air supply. And that's just what he did, sustaining injuries to his chest and forearm in the process.

Kensington Police say they have been looking for this coyote that reportedly attacked a 62-year-old woman and her dogs days earlier.

The coyote is now being tested for rabies and the victims are all being treated as a precaution.

I personally am beyond impressed with this dad and his survival instincts. This incident could have been a lot more tragic for that young boy and other locals that may have been attacked if the coyote wasn't stopped.

I'd hope I could do the same for my kids in that situation, but would much rather never have to be in that situation.

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