Exciting news for fans of Formula One racing, a first-of-its-kind arcade is coming to Boston.

Formula One has been rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and this season there are three separate grand prix races throughout the country.

Though the cities hosting those races are Miami, Houston and Las Vegas, it was Boston that was chosen for a new, first-in-the-country F1 venue.

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The racing league has just announced that the Boston Seaport will be the home of the "first official F1 simulator racing and social experience" in the country, with a planned opening for early 2024.

The venue looks and sounds so cool.

Photos of the flagship location in London show racetrack rugs on the floor, lighting in the shape of famous track routes, a wall of starting lights and, of course, race simulators throughout.

You can basically sit in a gaming seat designed like an F1 car and race the official Formula 1 race tracks as your favorite driver. Or as the league puts it:

Motorsport Games’ RFactor2 racing simulation platform allows guests to choose from a variety of racing modes and compete against each other individually, in teams, or as part of all-venue racing formats, while different modes are available for all ages and abilities.

As a huge F1 fan myself, this sounds amazing. There obviously aren't many places to get the feel of driving a real Formula One race car and the fact that the only U.S. location is going to be in Boston is awesome.

Though the plan is to fill the new venue with 60 simulators, the space isn't all about racing. There will also be an enormous cocktail bar with carefully crafted drinks by mixologist Peter Vestinos, a globally inspired food menu and space for 200 guests.

The Boston venue is expected to open early next year and the league plans to ultimately open 20 permanent locations in America over the next five years.

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