When it comes to attractions here in the U.S. that are recommended as "must see before you die," there are only 2 locations in New England that make the Top 50 list.  But, both are certainly worth the time and short travel.

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Fenway Park is one of the 2 attractions listed by MSN.com.  Despite many upgrades, the iconic Boston baseball park is much the same as it was when it first opened over 100 years ago.  The famous 37-foot high Green Monster is one of the outstanding features of Fenway.


The other New England attraction on this list is in Acadia National Park in Maine. It's Cadillac Mountain, the tallest point along the Eastern Seaboard.  US News and World Report says the best time to visit the mountain is between October and March.  That's when you can catch the first view of the sunrise in America.

Other attractions of the Top 50 list include the Grand Canyon, New York's Central Park, the Las Vegas Strip and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.