As a sports fan I find this new rule incredibly stupid, but apparently several New England colleges are encouraging fans not to boo at games. 

A letter was recently sent out by the New England Small College Athletic Conference asking fans attending men's soccer games to refrain from booing if they don't like something on the field.

The conference, which includes Amherst College, Tufts University, Wesleyan University and Williams College, sent out a letter that was signed by all 11 conferences coaches and read,

As a supporter, we ask you not engage in any unsportsmanlike actions, which include booing, taunting, profanity, rude language or gestures, or any other action that could be potentially construed as negative or confrontational,"

The coaches support the no booing request adding,

We would hope that all spectators refrain from antagonistic interaction between opposing fans, including verbal disputes, or holding/posting signs or other forms of written material that could be interpreted as offensive in nature.”

I can admit that I haven't been to a live college sporting event recently, but have things gotten so out-of-hand at these games that booing your opponents is now offensive in nature?

I imagine some people can take things too far and may get too enthusiastic with their support, but for the most part fans are just there to support the team and last I checked booing the opposing team was a part of that.

So what do you think of the new NESCAC rule? Is it necessary in today's sporting environment? Or are they just being overly careful?