They certainly didn't need to wait for the weather to get warmer. Four baby penguins have hatched at Boston's New England Aquarium. The little blue chicks are the smallest of all penguin species. They are native to Australia and New Zealand.

Right now, these little chicks are behind the scenes at the aquarium. According to the aquarium's facebook page, the babies are raised by their parents, but then learn to eat from the staff biologists. Their soft fur will be replaced by waterproof feathers. At that point the blue penguins can join the others in the exhibit. The aquarium reminds us that we can still see many of the grown-ups in the bustling colony.

The New England Aquarium is located at 1 Central Wharf in Boston, and is open on weekdays from 9 'til 5 and on weekend from 9 until 6. It's the home of over 2000 animals, and also features a shark and ray touch tank.

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