Good news, animal-lovers! Nearly 750 sea turtles have been successfully saved and treated from Cape beaches.

The Cape Cod Times reports that most of the turtles were Kemp's ridley sea turtles, with a few being green and loggerhead turtles.

The New England Aquarium managed to treat the 750 turtles, but a grand total of 1,200 turtles were retrieved during November and December. That's a record for those months, with the previous record being only 413 turtles found and 242 saved in 2012.

Saving that many turtles is great, but the fact that such a huge amount of sea turtles are being stranded on Cape beaches is a little alarming.

Earlier in the season, turtles had an 80 percent survival rate, but with the water temperatures now in the 40's and dropping, more and more aren't making it to the Aquarium's treatment facility.

Now that the water is getting colder, fewer of these poor guys are expected to make it.

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