The Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust aims to make its reserves a friendly, safe environment for all its trail users with a new rule that pertains to your dog.

Beginning Thursday, August 15, a new dog rule has been added to the list of rules at the DNRT’s dog-friendly reserves:

No more than 3 dogs per adult trail user.

This rule comes after many trail goers noted that uncontrolled dogs often chase other trail goers. By limiting the number of dogs per adult trail user, more attention can be given to dogs being walked, in hopes that there will be fewer incidents of dogs running at or chasing around trail users.

Having control over your dog is imperative. All dogs on all of the DNRT’s dog-friendly reserves must be under control, either by voice command or by leash. An uncontrolled dog could run up and jump on another trail user who is unbalanced or elderly, which could cause them to fall and injure themselves.

Additionally, an uncontrolled dog might run toward another dog, resulting in a fight. The DNRT wants all dogs to be attentive and controlled so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience, both humans and dogs alike.

Dog owners must also be courteous of their pet's waste by picking up and disposing of it properly. Waste left behind can result in illness to other dogs or animals along the trail.

So if you're heading out on the trails anytime soon, remember you're only allowed to bring three dogs per adult to maintain the safety and enjoyment of others along the way.

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