Looking for a local barre class? You'll find them in downtown New Bedford soon!

As the ladies behind The Barre said on Facebook, something Barre-y special is coming to New Bedford.

They recently announced the arrival of their new fitness studio downtown that is scheduled to open this fall.

The new studio appears to be headed to the building at 4 S Water St downtown and they are looking to hire instructors, with training offered.

If you've taken barre classes before (or have seen it and always wanted to) you'll probably be very excited to check out this new local fitness spot come fall.

If you've never heard of barre before, it's like a ballet class meets Pilates.

The movements are all super small, but are really working the muscles. And the end result is a more lean look rather than a muscular-lifting-at-the-gym look.

And trust me...you will feel it the next day...in muscles you never even knew existed.

If you've ever wanted a "dancer's body" this is definitely the class to try. And you could be trying it right in downtown New Bedford starting this fall.

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