"Tell me you're Portuguese without telling me you're Portuguese" should be a trend, especially here on the SouthCoast.

From the good ol' town of Dartmouth comes a highly relatable TikTok ... if you grew up in a Portuguese household.

Stephanie Pimental of New Bedford has strong Portuguese roots. Her parents are from Sao Miguel in the Azores -- specifically the town of Faial da Terra.

One day, while visiting her parents' house, a lightbulb went off in her head.

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"I went to get a styrofoam cup to make myself a K-cup coffee and that’s when I saw not one, but three containers of Portuguese olive oil in the cabinet," Pimental said. "I thought to myself, 'Only in a Portuguese house would you see this.' So, as I was waiting for my coffee to be done, I’m looking around and saw all these things that you would only find in a Portuguese house.

I was being malcriada (misbehaved in Portuguese) and sitting on the sofa in the 'just-for-show' living room that nobody is supposed to use when I was looking around and that's when I decided to make a TikTok."

Vavo would be proud of this one.

@steph.cp Tell me you grew up with immigrant parents, without telling me you grew up with immigrant parents… @The Portuguese Kids #portugal #portuguese #acores #azores #portuguesekids #immigrantparents #fyp ♬ Che La Luna - Louis Prima

Little did Pimental know that her video would blow up the way it did. She never anticipated a quick 35,000 views overnight (and counting).

The video reminded me of my own Vavo (Portuguese for grandmother) and how clean and quirky her house was growing up. It's nostalgic and relatable and I have a feeling a majority of the SouthCoast feels the same way.

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