We're gearing up for a rare occurrence on Monday, April 8

A partial solar eclipse will be viewable from New Bedford, Fall River, and the entire SouthCoast. For those of us who are really big solar eclipse fans, driving just a couple of hours due north will put you within the path of totality (which sounds like the next movie starring The Rock).

Fun 107's Nancy Hall is packing up and heading north for the event. She'll be doing her show live from an Airbnb in Underhill, Vermont. It's a tiny town not far from Stowe. It's also one of the best spots in America to watch Monday's total eclipse.

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She's not alone. Hotels within the path of totality are reporting that bookings are triple what they normally would be for the second Monday in April.

One thing solar eclipse enthusiasts can't control, however, is the weather.

You could be directly in the path of totality, but it there are thick clouds, you won't be able to view it.

Solar Eclipse Weather
Cecy DelCarmen ABC 6 Weather Center

So, what does the weather look like for April 8 here on the SouthCoast?

We turned to our weather expert, Cecy DelCarmen, from the ABC6 Weather Center.

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"For now, conditions look favorable for viewing the solar eclipse," Delcarmen said. "High pressure will be in control.  As far as a precise prediction for cloud cover, that's a tough one to forecast. For now, it's looking like things will be favorable for viewing the eclipse."

If you miss the eclipse, don't worry. According to NASA, there will be another one here in the United States in 20 years.

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