A quaint antique shop in New Bedford recently received a remarkable collection of old prints and artwork from a century-old local frame shop that had to close.

Among the treasures was a stack of old family photos. Now, your help is needed to return these precious memories to their rightful owners.

Sydney Hawes, co-owner of Booth 228, located within New Bedford Antiques at the Cove in the historic Kilburn Mill, is determined to find the families these photos belong to.

“I’d love to just get it back to them," she said. “If they want them, they can contact us on Instagram or email at booth228vintage@gmail.com.”

Help New Bedford's Vintage Photos Find Their Homes

Identify: Take a moment to look through the photos below. Do any of the faces look familiar? Could they be relatives, friends, or acquaintances?

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Share: Spread the word and share this article and the photos with your friends, family, and social networks. The more people who see them, the higher the chance of finding the rightful owners.

Contact: If you recognize anyone in the photos or have any information that could help reunite these images with their families, contact Booth 228 via Instagram or email at booth228vintage@gmail.com.

These photos at Booth 228 are more than just images; they are pieces of history, waiting to be reconnected with the people who treasure them.

Help Reunite These New Bedford Vintage Photos With Its Rightful Owners

Sydney Hawes of Booth 228 seeks to reunite vintage family photos, found from a closed frame shop, with their rightful owners through community help and outreach.

Gallery Credit: Gazelle

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