Man, I'll tell you what, the SouthCoast has been a pretty lucky area these past couple of weeks.

When it comes to scratch tickets, there's been three major announcements for big-time winners in the Fall River-New Bedford area. The first was one was claimed in Fall River back in September, but was just announced over the weekend for a $10 million prize. The second winner took home $2.2 million out of his $4 million prize after he purchased a $20 ticket from Marty's Gas & Go on Acushnet Avenue in the North End of New Bedford. Now, yet another big winner has been confirmed by the Massachusetts State Lottery, this one was also in New Bedford.

If you're in the downtown area, there's a small, yet popular liquor store with a Lottery license called the Downtown Package Store. On Friday night, February 26, a woman (whose identity has yet to be released) purchased a $2 scratch ticket and walked away with a $100,000 prize. Little did she know that she was about to scratch a solid win, especially since it was a $2 buy. Talk about a sweet deal.

The sold ticket was part of the "Decade of Dollars" family, which awards winners with a certain prize per month for a certain amount of years. Well, in this case, the winner could chose to receive $1,000 for 10 years or the lump sum cash option for $78,000. The Massachusetts State Lottery reports that she went with the lump sum option and walked away with $55,380 after taxes.

As for the Downtown Package Store, it received a $1,200 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

I reached out to a good friend of mine, Steven Martins, who is the Assistant Director/Regional Manager at the Massachusetts State Lottery to talk about the luck the SouthCoast has been blessed with lately.

"It's always nice when there's a hometown win," he said. "Every penny helps these days, so even to see the Downtown Package Store get a little bonus, that helps the family with rent and that's just great news all around."

Once again, I tried my luck with the same $2 ticket and gained no ground financially. Perhaps next time for me, but congratulations to the mystery woman who is 50 Gs richer.

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