As anticipation builds for the 108th Feast of the Blessed Sacrament, organizers have introduced an exciting opportunity for the community to engage in the festivities like never before.

This year, alongside the traditional celebrations of Portuguese culture and heritage, the feast is hosting a T-shirt design contest, inviting participants to unleash their creativity and contribute to the event's vibrant atmosphere.

Feast President Tony Abreu noted the motivation behind the contest.

"We wanted to involve people as much as possible and we thought that this would be a great way to get people involved and get some new ideas for our T-shirts," he said.

What exactly are organizers looking for?

"It's pretty simple. We're just looking for different designs that encapsulate the essence of the feast, New Bedford and Portuguese culture in general. We're keeping it open for people's creativity, with just one guideline: designs should use a maximum of three colors to facilitate printing," Abreu said.

Participants have until June 1 to submit their designs. The feast is set for the first week in August.

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"We set a deadline of June just so we could have enough time to get them printed and maybe start selling them prior to the feast because we have some events coming up before the feast that we sell T-shirts at," Abreu said.

Additionally, the feast plans to host a vintage T-shirt sale, offering shirts from previous years at discounted prices.

The winner will receive $50 worth of feast tickets, their winning T-shirt and the honor of having their design featured on one of the official 2024 feast shirts.

Designs can be sent to or

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