The longer I live in New Bedford, the more strange stuff I come across and find.

Earlier Wednesday, September 20th, I went for a stroll with my buddy Ian White over in New Bedford's lovely West End. It was trash and recycling day so everybody and their mother had their bins out on the curb, patiently awaiting for the garbage and recycling trucks to arrive.

That's when we came across the weirdest thing I've ever seen- a recycling bin with a lock on it.

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Now, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know enough about the sanitation process in New Bedford to know that these barrels belong to the city. Now, before I judge, I do see and hear random people rummaging through my recycling bin searching for bottles and cans. However, what's the big deal if they are? I have so many questions.

The choice was made to discard the recyclables in the first place, so one's trash is another's treasure. That is of course if the reason for keeping the bin locked is to keep the $0.05 away from the collectors. Which, by the way, since this is city property, isn't this illegal?

Courtesy Ian MacAlistair White
Courtesy Ian MacAlistair White

On the other hand, what if this person was tired of people throwing away trash into the recycling bin and this lock was to prevent it? Now that would be a certified loyal recycler and there's nothing wrong with that.

Either way, it's just strange to see in person. I sure hope whoever is behind this trash security lockdown has a good reason as to why they felt the need to lock up their recycling bin. If anyone knows who this recycling bin belongs to over in the West End, please reach out to me at so we can get some questions answered.

That's all I'm asking for.

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