I'm going to have to give this new supposed fashion trend a hard pass.

Apparently wearing a regular speedo wasn't offensive enough. They now have "Jeados," which is basically a demin Speedo. In all honesty, I couldn't with "Jorts," those jean shorts. However, I'm thinking we need to get Gazelle into one of these and see if he can pull it off. I personally think he can.

If you are interested in getting a few "Jeados" for the beach season, there is a website that is selling them in lots of different styles.

They apparently won't get to us until September. I'm ok with going one more summer at Horseneck and not seeing these.

I must say, I like the girls' stuff they have on this website. Cute stuff, but definitely for fashion and not comfort, it looks like. I mean, who wants to lay on the beach in the sand in a denim one-piece. If you have tried this, please let me know.

Otherwise, get ready for me to put Gazelle in this and start blogging some pics. Save Gazelle!

Would you wear these to the beach? Does Round Hill have a section dedicated to Speedos? I know Horseneck does!

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