Want to know if there are sharks in the waters at your favorite beach? Well now there's an app for that!

A new app has been launched that will warn swimmers when sharks have been spotted nearby.

The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy tracks and researches sharks off the coast of Cape Cod and on July 1st they launched their new "Sharktivity" app.

The app is free on iPhones and it can be used to not only notify beach goers when sharks are spotted near them, it can be a way for those at the beach to report shark sightings as well.

The reporting is important, since shark warnings will only go out when sharks that have been tagged are spotted nearby. Untagged sharks won't set off the app's warning message.

Two great white sharks have already been tagged off the coast of Cape Cod and more are expected as the summer rolls on.

Seems sharks like to hunt off of the Cape because of the seal populations...but swimmers are rarely attacked.

Maybe those attacks will become even more rare with the launch of the Sharktivity app.

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