Conor and Kamela have been dating for almost six years. They watched Netflix on their first date, and Conor thought it would be great to incorporate the streaming service into his proposal. Let's face it, Netflix is now a big part of many modern relationships, as many nights are spent snuggled up in front of a TV or computer binge-watching episodes of new favorite shows (and maybe rewatching entire series for the third time).

With a little help from Netflix and the stars of Kamela's favorite show, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant of The Santa Clarita Diet, Conor pulled off an amazing and albeit elaborate way to pop the question.

Kamela was told that she and Conor were being filmed for a reality series about couples' binge-watching habits. However, there was nothing REAL thing about it since the whole thing was a set-up. When Kamela and Conor sat down to watch The Santa Clarita Diet, they saw Barrymore and Olyphant sitting on a couch and talking about marriage. Things don’t start to click for Kamela until she hears Conor’s voice in the video.

Please excuse the strong language. In Kamela's defense, she did just get one hell of a surprise and was really thrown off. Can’t say I blame the girl since her boyfriend just proposed and the stars of her favorite shows just helped him do it.

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