While we continue to work from home, learn from home, and isolate at home, I think it’s time for us to plan a vacation. It’s National Plan a Vacation Day, and what better time than right now to pick a getaway destination, near or far? I have a couple of ideas in mind.

This might be a coincidence, but I choose to believe it was a sign from the universe. Michael, Gazelle, and I were looking at the 2021 calendar and mapping out our vacation days for the months ahead. As I wrote down the days, my mind began to drift to a tropical place far away, where I was sipping from a coconut and lounging by an infinity pool.

I haven’t taken a vacation in over a year; I am not going to count my Christmas vacation because I didn’t get out of my pajamas and never left the couch.

I feel like vacations are so important for mental health. I think of it as a recharge for the batteries, and my batteries have been running low lately.

It’s hard to accept that the coming months are still up in the air as to where we will be with all of this COVID-19 mess, but the vaccine gives me hope that we will be on our way to a new normal sooner than we think. This means my honeymoon to St. Lucia in November can actually happen and it won’t be an unattainable dream.

Just thinking about a vacation makes me feel better, and I bet if you plan one today – whether it’s big, small, near, or far –  it’s going to put a pep in your step. So, celebrate National Plan a Vacation Day accordingly, request some PTO, and get to planning.

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