Saturday is a big day for dog lovers and it’s a national day that is most likely practiced every single day for dog owners. National Hug Your Dog Day is a day worth celebrating.

April 10 will forever be known as National Hug Your Dog Day, so grab the closest four-legged friend and tell them how much you love them.

National Today says that “hugging your dog releases a hormone in both pup and person called ‘oxytocin,’ informally referred to as ‘the cuddle hormone.’” Hugging your dog is a great way to strengthen the bond between owner and pet, and let’s be honest, the amount of joy it provides for both parties is palpable.

I have two wonderful cats at home, but even I can admit that a hug from a dog is one the best feelings in the world. Since I don’t have a dog of my own, I am currently accepting applications for friendly pups that could use a good squeeze tomorrow. Moreover, if any dog owners need assistance in administering hugs tomorrow, I would gladly fill that position.

I’ll never know what we did right as humans to deserve animals and their unconditional love. I’m glad to see that there is a national day to show our appreciation for their loyalty by showering them with affection. I just hope I don’t get any weird looks when I start hugging every dog I walk by tomorrow.

Consider this your warning, dog owners. If you come across me on April 10 while walking your best friend, I will ask to embrace them and say “Happy National Hug Your Dog Day!”


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