Ok, so maybe we didn't have a designated nap room in real life, but we could all seriously use one. Daylight-Saving Time messes with everyone's routine and rhythm. I overslept Sunday morning, could not fall asleep Sunday night, and was miserable getting up for work at 6:30 this morning. Luckily, a coworker made me aware that today is also "National Napping Day," and I can use this as an excuse to catch some Z's (when I get home).

Accordng to Tech Insider, the time change can affect your sleep schedule so much that it impacts your everyday life. "Springing forward or falling back due to DST changes can cause decreases in performance, concentration, and memory common to sleep-deprived individuals, as well as fatigue and daytime sleepiness." For high school kids applying to colleges, DST can cause lower SAT scores. So make sure to go to bed earlier the night before you turn the clocks back, or spring forward. Or fit a nap in the Monday after. It might just help you adjust better.

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