It's National Junk Food Day, and it's worth celebrating even though we have probably all been partaking in our favorites and doing lots of emotional eating over these last few months.

As if any of us needed an excuse to eat junk food, they now have a day dedicated to it. But what qualifies as junk food may be different for everyone. Some people look at bacon as a healthy food for certain diets while other people, like myself, think bacon is definitely a junk food high in fat.

I like to think we practiced for this day throughout the entire quarantine. It's officially the Olympics of junk food eating.

It didn't take me very long to come up with just over a half dozen junk foods that I think we can all agree on are just that, junk food. I poked around at some of the local spots for some of my favorites that we are lucky to be able to get here and some that I haven't had in a very long time.

You can blame me if you break your diet to eat any of these, but it really wasn't my fault today was dedicated to junk food.

Now to pick just one of these to actually eat today.

If you had to pick just one which would you pick? Don't judge me if I decide that I can't have just one today.

Just so you know, National Junk Food Day is not an observed holiday, so no, you can't take the day off from work to stay home and eat junk food. And no, you don't get brownie points for celebrating Junk Food Day every day.

National Junk Food Day Must-Eats

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