Back in May, Fun 107 reported that former Greater New Bedford Voc-Tech teacher, the late George Heath, was among the finalists for a very special NASCAR honor. We are now happy to update that Heath, Lieutenant Jim Creed, and his wife Laura, will all be honored at the Talladega 250 this fall as NASCAR American Heroes.

NASCAR is teaming up with Sugarlands Distillery to honor true American heroes during the 50th anniversary of the iconic race. The race will happen over the weekend of October 12-13.

"I'm just so happy that George and the Creeds will have their story told on national television," said Rosemary Heath, who will also be in attendance. "I feel like it's another way to keep George's name alive."

Fittingly, Rosemary Heath learned that her late husband and the Creeds would be honored as NASCAR American heroes over the Fourth of July holiday.

"When George was attacked, it was Laura Creed, a trauma nurse, that rushed to his attention and began treating his wound," Rosemary tells Fun 107 that this allowed her to calm down long enough to recognize that these might be George's last moments. "A voice told me to tell George it was OK to go, so I did. I kissed his cheek and held his hand. George squeezed it, so I know he heard me. That moment has always given me peace."

Laura Creed's husband, Jim, was the off-duty sheriff's deputy that shot and killed the attacker, saving countless other lives.

George Heath will be honored for putting himself in between the attacker and the pregnant Bertucci's waitress that night. In doing so, he and his wife Rosemary saved the waitress and her unborn child.

True American heroes, indeed.

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