It's something they are going to have their entire life, so choosing a great name for your child is very important.

However, choosing a name is hard!  There's so many choices, and to narrow it down to just one, perfect name, isn't easy.

Maybe you're looking for that one unique name that's not overused and just fits.  Well, Huffington Post is here to help!  They came up with a list of 12 Under-The-Radar names that they think you'll be seeing a lot more of, and here they are:

  1. Celia (reminds me of Ms. Celia from the movie 'The Help', remember, the pretty blonde who couldn't cook?)
  2. Faye
  3. Leonore
  4. Liv
  5. Magnolia (nickname suggestion: Maggie or Nola)
  6. Margot (or Margo or Margaux)
  7. Blaise
  8. Cassian
  9. Huxley (mostly used as a boys name, but could be a girls name too)
  10. Justus (popular right now in Germany)
  11. Miller (another name that could be either for a boy or a girl)
  12. Tobin

Do you have a favorite on the list?  I do!  Celia, Leonore and Margot.  Happy baby naming!

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