I absolutely love food, no denying it. But when it comes to heading out to eat I want an experience. Well, that's exactly what I got at the Brazilian Grill.

The meat just kept coming, from bacon-wrapped filet mignon to top sirloin to lamb to chicken to the tenderloin to some meats I would have never tried in a million years but they looked, smelled, and tasted so good.

They even got me to try something new, without telling me what it was:

The buffet itself has food presented ever so carefully. I mean, I was in absolute cheese heaven at this place!

My favorite part (other than the never-ending parade of meats) had to be the desserts. I had the lava cake. It was a tough choice, though, with over a half dozen to chose from. Guess I have to keep going back until I try them all.

And you can try the Brazilian Grill yourself for half off with Seize The Deal this Friday! You can get $50 to the Brazilian Grill for just $25, but you have to ACT FAST, because these go on sale right at 9 a.m. Friday morning and sell out very quickly.

And to whet your appetite some more, heck out some photos from my visit below:

Jackson Visits Brazilian Grill


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