Christmastime brings back memories for everyone. Childhood memories, traditions, and memories of great times with family and friends. It got me thinking about what my favorite Christmas memory is, and in hindsight, I would have never thought this memory would later become my #1, but it is. Here's why...

It was the Christmas of 2008. I had just met my now husband Matt, a few months earlier over that summer. We weren't technically a couple just yet, but spending a lot of time together as friends. I had moved back in with my Dad to save some money and he lived in a tiny third floor apartment in Bristol, RI. Because I lived "at home", we would mostly hang out at his apartment. We were in our twenties, didn't make a lot of money and didn't have much of anything. We sat on hand-me-down furniture and watched rented movies on an old TV.

Because we were technically "just friends" and I wasn't really sure where the relationship was going, I wasn't sure what the status was on exchanging gifts, but wanted to get him something. I thought, maybe I'll just get him a few nice things and something that he needs. I decided on a bath robe and a couple of special Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins Christmas ornaments.

I told my Dad what I got Matt and he said I was sending the wrong signal by getting him a bathrobe! He said if we were just friends, I shouldn't have gotten him something so personal. I kind of panicked, because I didn't want to send the wrong signal...but I knew he needed a bathrobe, I thought I was being practical! Turns out, he was very happy just to get a gift from me at all, no matter what it was and bonus, the bathrobe was something he could use. He also really liked the ornaments, and we still put them on our tree every year.

Even though we weren't technically a couple just yet, we started dating very shortly after and that was our very first Christmas together. It was simple and neither one of us spent a lot of money, but we spent it together and that was what mattered most, that's why it's my favorite Christmas memory ever.

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