Planning your wedding can be stressful, that's why it's nice to get away once it's all said and done.

And here are some of the most popular places couples go to get away from it all!

  • Faby Vanyo
    Faby Vanyo


    From Cancun to Acapulco, Mexican resorts seem to be the top spot for couples on their honeymoons.

    With temperatures in the 80s almost all year round and warm, clear waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling, what's not to love about these all-inclusive resorts.

    They have everything you need to unwind and enjoy some time as newlyweds!

  • Handout/Getty Images
    Handout/Getty Images

    Walk Disney World

    Disney has long been a popular destination for newlyweds.

    With the rides, characters, fireworks shows and everything else that Disney has to offer, it's certainly a fun way to start a marriage.

  • Sean Gallup/Getty Images
    Sean Gallup/Getty Images


    There are plenty of romantic hot spots in Italy.

    From the Amalfi Coast to historic Florence, Venice and Rome there is history and culture everywhere you turn.

    The centuries old buildings, the amazing artwork and of course the food make Italy a dream destination for many honeymoon travelers.

  • Purestock


    Looking for that tropical getaway without getting a passport? How about Hawaii!

    Hawaii's white sand beaches are always a top choice for honeymooners. And with plenty of resorts on the islands to choose from, you're going to find the perfect post-wedding getaway for you!

  • Denis Jr. Tangney
    Denis Jr. Tangney


    Aruba is often called the best island vacation.

    The island is in just the right spot for plenty of warm sunshine, low humidity, calm surf and white sand beaches.

    Another island with plenty of resorts, there is something for everyone to enjoy while on their honeymoon.

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