Today for our Morning Talker, we spoke with our friends at ABC6 about "The Interview" being canceled and Johns Hopkins University sending the wrong acceptance letters.We began talking about the huge news story going around of the new movie, "The Interview". The movie is about dictator Kim Jong-Un and the plot to take him down. It seems like the storyline of the movie has reached North Korea because they are now threatening to hurt any citizens who watch the movie, so Sony has made the decision to pull it from theaters.

It's already a pretty controversial topic since the dictator they are focusing on is still alive. If it was a story about a previous dictator in history, then it wouldn't be so bad. Plus, we all agreed that Seth Rogen and James Franco are probably loving the publicity "The Interview" is getting since they love to push the envelope and make inappropriate movies. And it must be working because now it seems as if everyone wants to see the film!

Our next topic was about Johns Hopkins University accidentally sending 300 acceptance letter to students when they were actually turned down. Talk about a huge mistake! They did end up sending each student an apology email but it seems like that might not be enough for certain families. Many feelings were hurt and for good reason!

What do you think? Watch the rest of the Morning Talker down below.

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