We spoke with the ABC6 newsroom about a Catholic grandmother in New Hampshire who was fired as an election worker for saying the phrase "God bless you".

According to the town's attorney, it wasn't the phrase that got her in trouble but she is still unable to return to work for the next election cycle. We all thought it was kind of weird to fire someone over a few words. Especially since saying "God bless you" didn't seem to benefit any political party or their vote.

What seemed to cause the stir was the fact that she was saying it while she was handing out the ballots and not while someone was sneezing or anything like that. Either way, some of us didn't see much of a problem with her saying "God bless you". Since people who say that are trying to wish you well, it seems more like a nice gesture than offensive.

Some of us do believe though that there must be more to this story. It seems a bit too strange for her to get fired for something so small. What do you think? Watch the rest of the Morning Talker down below.