We spoke to our friends down at ABC6 about a TV news anchor in Australia who wore the same suit for a year and no one noticed.

A news anchor in Australia named Karl Stephanvoic wore the same suit everyday to show how men are judged on how well they do their job and women are judged on what they are wearing. Nobody noticed he was wearing the same outfit until a year later when Stefanovic told his viewers about his experiment and made national headlines.

We thought it had to do with the fact that most men's suits are inconspicuous and that women have much more options when it comes to clothes than men. It is mostly men's ties that seem to be the main focus of a man's outfit when he wears a suit but it is true that women's choices in what they are wearing is judged much more harshly than what men wear.

Watch the rest of the Morning Talker below.

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