For our Thursday Morning Talker, we spoke to our friends down at the ABC6 newsroom about a deflated football shaped chocolate, Tom Brady's Cold and a hilarious news station weather mishap.

We first began our Morning Talker about a deflated football shaped chocolate in a candy store located in Pennsylvania. They call it the "Bradie" ball and it took them four hours to make. Everyone is trying to capitalize on this deflate gate story, even candy stores but we all agreed that it will be all that much sweeter when we win the Superbowl this Sunday.

We also spoke about how Tom Brady is now sick! He was snuffling through his press conference on Wednesday and has confirmed that it is a cold. He says he's going to be ok by Sunday and is getting plenty of rest and eating a lot of garlic. I've never heard about garlic helping you get better while you're sick but apparently it works! Or at least it better because they've got to take Sunday by storm.

Our last topic was about a weather man in Phoenix whose weather map was giving off crazy temperatures in the 1,000s! What made it so funny was the guy just rolled with it, saying people should evacuate and there is no point in loitering since everything is melted by now. Hilarious video that is now going viral and is definitely worth a look.

Watch the rest of the Morning Talker down below.