Patriots GoFundMe
The Deflate Gate scandal has made news headlines for months. It's no secret that members of PatsNation are in uproar over the four-game suspension of our beloved Tom Brady. Not only that, but the NFL team was also given a one million dollar fine for their trouble...
Rock: "Disappointed"
Watch Michael Rock's reaction to the new report that claimsTom Brady may have known about the deflation of the footballs used in the AFC Championship game and other games.
Patriots Punishment?
After nearly a week of constant "Deflate Gate" talk in the media, it seems sources have learned that there may be no repercussions at the end of this saga.
Indy Reporter Calls Fun 107
As the Deflate-Gate scandal continues to unfold in the NFL, the Fun Morning Show talked with the Indiana reporter that originally broke the story after the AFC Championship game.

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