I found some more words and terms that are very common to the Southcoast area, but very foreign elsewhere.  I asked some people here in Central New York if they knew the definition of these:

BUBBLER  (drinking fountain)

Nicole:  The small ring kids use to blow bubbles

Bridget:  A drink with seltzer

John:  A baby

Lisa:  Office water cooler

DUNKS  (Dunkin Donuts)

Nicole:  Men's swimsuit

Bridget:  Swimming lessons

John:  NBA basketball term

Lisa:  Crackers made for soup

GREEN MONSTER  (big wall at Fenway Park)

Nicole:  Comic book villain

Bridget:  Someone who is very jealous

John:  Red Sox mascot

Lisa:  St. Patrick's day hangover

PACKIE  (package store)

Nicole:  Back pack

Bridget:  A hoarder

John:  Green Bay Packers fan

Lisa:  "I would have no idea."

Here in New York State we have our Half Moon's and Tomato Pies, but no bubblers or packies.

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