How can a parent be so stupid? Leaving your son or daughter in a car while you go shopping. Are you crazy? Some parents say, "Oh, it'll be only a few minutes, what could possibly go wrong?" All it takes is a minute.

According to New Zealand Herald, a mom in New Zealand left her young baby in the car in a grocery store parking lot, along with a "be right back" note. Thankfully a couple saw the note that said, "My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything," and immediately called the number attached.

Some people need to be hit with a tack hammer, thrown in jail, and have a note attached to them saying, "I'm a horrible parent, and don't deserve to be in charge of anyone, including myself."

And that mom, by the way, wasn't charged because the couple that found the baby didn't call the police, so that dum-dum gets to walk and do that again other day. Sickening. For those of you who bring your kids to the store, bring them inside with you. It only takes a minute.

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