The Southcoast has more millionaires than you might think! See how many live in your town.

The Boston Globe provided a list of how many million-dollar earners there are in each town here in Massachusetts. A millionaire is a person with one million dollars or more in assets, this list covers the million-dollar earners, who are the people who earn $1 Million or more in their household. We went through the list to see if some of our towns on the Southcoast Area were included. Here's a list of towns on the Southcoast with at least one millionaire or more:

  • 1

    Dartmouth, 52 Millionaires

    Credit: 192 & 187 Mishaum Point Rd. Dartmouth, MA
  • 2

    Plymouth, 51 Millionaires
  • 3

    Marion, 27 Millionaires

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  • 4

    Westport, 22 Millionaires

    Credit: 169 Atlantic Ave. Westport, MA
  • 5

    Mattapoisett, 19 Millionaires

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  • 6

    Fairhaven, 9 Millionaires

    Credit: 11 Doane St. Fairhaven, MA
  • 7

    Taunton, 8 Millionaires

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  • 8

    Wareham, 7 Millionaires

    Credit: 47 Greengate Ln. Wareham, MA
  • 9

    Fall River, 5 Millionaires

    Credit: 674 Highland Ave. Fall River, MA
  • 10

    New Bedford, Achushnet, and Rochester, 4 Millionaires

    Credit: 30 Vaughan Hill Rd. Rochester, MA