We can add another to the list of people who disapprove of Miley Cyrus' persona. British Prime Minister David Cameron is apparently unimpressed with the Wrecking Ball singer's antics, performances, and drug use.

"I think we are all struggling our way through this. How do we, as parents, let our children watch the television, look at things on the Internet, while protecting them from bad examples and bad role models," Cameron told The Sun (via Entertainmentwise).

The 46-year old Member of Parliament is the father of a nine-year old girl, so we get where he's coming from. He even admitted to being relieved that his daughter, Nancy, was no longer a fan of Cyrus' former Disney character Hannah Montana. "We try and have some rules, and try and check out what [she's] watching."

The fact that a wee one might get the wrong idea from seeing her sticking her tongue out, or watching her twerk on stage, or hearing her frank admissions of drug use and adult baby obsession, is not lost on Miley, however. She admitted back in July, "It depends who's doing what. If you're aged 10 it's 'Miley', if you know what I'm talking about then you know."

Now, as Miley's shock tactics have made it all the way to people who lead entire countries, is it safe to say that she's the most talked about star on the planet? We think so, at least right now!