Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Show
Youtube/Jimmy Kimmel Show

Two guys from Malden, MA have been the talk of the internet lately after they found what they thought was a 'sea monstah' while out on Boston Harbor recently.

Mike Bergin and Jay Foster posted a video online that was riddled with swear words and hilarity after they spotted a sun fish in the water, but didn't know what it was. The video quickly went viral and now they even have t-shirts and cell phone cases with their signature phrases on them, like "It's a baby whale!", "That's a tuna bro!" and "What IS that thing?"

Well now, they have made it to late night TV. The two guys were on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night talking about the strange creature they found in the water that ended up being a sun fish. Mikey Bergin is quite the character, as you'd expect after hearing him in the video, and Jay Foster is the quieter one just like he was in the video. Take a look at the segment below.

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