I had the strangest experience yesterday.  I was listening to a podcast from the Syracuse University alumni association.  One of my classmates was being interviewed, so I decided to listen.  It was centered around the 50th anniversary of the college radio station where I got my start on the air.

About 7 minutes into the conversation, the subject rolled around to things that she learned while working at the radio station.  Basically, she answered that she learned a whole lot more about business, management and life lessons than she did about radio, then followed it up by sharing a stunning memory.

Apparently, she still remembers a conversation we had more than 30 years ago that she found inspiring.  When she mentioned my name, it was the strangest experience.  The first thing she said was that she'd bet money that I wouldn't remember the conversation (she was right).

"When I was trying to learn how to be a leader at the radio station, and you learn by doing and screwing up, it was 'Kid' Michael Rock.  He said something which was super wise which I still use to this day.  He said something to the effect of 'just start doing and going until someone tells you to stop.'  Honestly?  That's brilliant professional advice which I still use 30 years later."  --Jenn Nycz

I was so taken back by hearing this for so many reasons.  First of all, I can't fathom that someone remembered something I said 30 years ago.  Secondly, I have to admit that I'm a little proud of my 18 or 19 year old self having that kind of insight into the industry.  When I think back to being that age I always remember the stupid things I did, but evidently I had some ambition and business sense when I was a little baby college DJ.

Maddie asked the Fun 107 audience what the best piece of advice someone has ever given them, and here's what a couple of callers said.

Interestingly enough, when we talked to Ice Cube on the air the other day, he wrapped up the interview by giving some advice to the young people in the audience about how to break through and become successful.

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