There's an unspoken ritual that takes place here at Fun 107 when it snows. Out of the entire crew here in the morning, nobody really talks about it. It just kind of happens, but I'm much more into it than I really should be.

Instead of parking in our regular parking spots out front, we all will park on the same side of the lot. This allows the snowplow to do a nice clean sweep on one side. After he cleans that side, we all run out and move our cars to the other side of the lot. It's even more satisfying the second time to see the nice clean lot, plowed right down to the pavement.

That's why I was a little shook this morning when Christine didn't seem to understand the urgency of moving her car. She had ignored the rest of us and parked in her usual parking spot. When I saw the snowplow out there struggling to clear the snow around her, I just couldn't have that.  It was an injustice that had to be fixed.

While she calmly sipped her hot coffee and watched from the window of the warm studio, I took Christine's keys and moved her car twice so that the plow guy could do his job.

I didn't do it to be a hero. I did it because I just couldn't stand to watch the snow be removed inefficiently.

I mean, look at the picture above and tell me I'm wrong for caring this much.

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