We've been loving the Walmart yodeling kid, Mason Ramsey.  We've been obsessed with him and love the fact that he's been invited to perform at Coachella.  In fact, all of the hottest artists are fighting about who will get the chance to perform with him.  How awesome is that?  We are hearing that Post Malone has won the battle and will perform with Mason at Coachella.

The yodeling Walmart kid was also featured on Ellen this week.  We legit think he's got something here.  His voice is unique and it sticks in your brain.  Admittedly, we are even bigger fans of the trap remixes that are starting to appear on YouTube.  We even played one of them on the show this morning.


All of this yodeling talk got us wondering which of us was the strongest at the yodel game.  Guess which one, then watch the video above to judge for yourself.  Abby comes close to completely losing her stuff on the air when Gazelle yodeled.  The question remains...was she laughing because of how bad he sounded?  Or because he sounded so good?

So, who do you think was a better yodeler, Gazelle or me? (it was me...)

Video and Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza

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