Every Thursday, we love to take a lot back at the week that was and highlight the Debbie Downers on Fun 107's Facebook page.

These are the people that, for some reason, feel the need to take a neutral (or even a positive) story...and get negative by leaving a Debbie Downer comment.  To be perfectly honest, we love them.  We covet them the way Gazelle covets a chili cheese dog from Sonic In Somerset (which coincidentally is the subject of one of our Debbie Downers.

We encourage our Fun 107 Facebook fans to nominate one when they see it by using ^Debbie Downer nomination ^  to alert us.  Watch the YouTube video above to see Abby, Michael and Gazelle highlight this week's Debbie Downers.  They highlight Taylor Swift, Sonic of Somerset, Holiday Wish Week, Applebee's Long Island iced teas and more.  Enjoy!

Additional Reporting by Madisyn Bozarth and Abigail Pelissier

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