I almost threw up in the studio this morning when Michael recalled a scenario involving a mask and a weird smell. I made the decision right then and there that I will only be wearing cloth masks instead of disposable ones.

Michael and his family went out for dinner, and while he was enjoying his burger outside, he realized that his mask was no longer next to him on the table. He spotted one on the ground next to the table and quickly picked it up.

“It must have blown off the table,” he thought. When he put it on, he noticed a strange odor, and just assumed that it was time for a new one.

As he and his family walked back to his car after dinner, he reached into his back pocket to pull out his keys, and that’s when he realized. His mask had been in his back pocket the entire time. The mask that was currently on his face was not his.

Gazelle and I dry-heaved at the thought of putting on a mask that had been on the ground for who knows how long.

To make matters worse, when he took off the imposter mask, he noticed a crusty grime that was in the middle, which was probably the strange odor he noticed prior.

“Did you panic?!” I asked.

“Almost,” he said, “I called my mom.” Even grown men need the advice of their moms when they are in distress.

After hearing this story, I knew that I would only be wearing cloth masks because you are able to distinguish them much more easily with fun and unique patterns. A typical disposable mask is light blue, but with a cloth mask, the options are endless. A stylized mask would have saved Michael from the horror scene that ensued after his dinner. I am still shocked he didn’t throw up his burger.

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