Yesterday, I was out checking out the new Tractor Supply store in Fairhaven with my son. While walking around, I stumbled upon some baby chicks. My son loved them and thought they were absolutely adorable.  I overheard a worker telling another customer, though, that these chickens were for eating...for human consumption!

As I understood it, these chicks were meant to be raised at someone's home for the purpose of being eaten.

Now, I just bought a rotisserie chicken for lunch today at Stop and Shop, but I have to say that the idea of buying a little chick with a cute little face, bringing him home, feeding him, caring for him, and raising him...only to EAT HIM?  I can't wrap my head around it.  I wonder what the "worth it" factor is.  However, we got a call from this woman from Rochester who told us that she ate farm raised meats during her entire childhood...and that nothing could match it for quality and taste (listen below)

Could you eat chickens that you bought alive from a store?

Additional Reporting by Madisyn Bozarth

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