It may come to a shock to you all, but Michael Rock and I are kind of a big deal when it comes to tossing tortillas.

News broke to us during the early hours of Tuesday morning about a new champion tortilla tosser from Idaho. His name is David Rush and he crushed the previous record of 30 feet, one inch by tossing a tortilla a whopping 54 feet, five inches.

"Peanuts to an elephant," I told Rock as we grabbed a package of Old El Paso tortillas and headed out to the back parking lot.

I printed out the official rules for properly tossing the tortilla correctly and they are as follows (rules obtained from The Great American Tortilla Toss in New Mexico):

  • Each tosser gets two tosses each
  • The better of the two tosses will be victorious
  • The majority of the tossed tortilla (over 50 percent) must land at the spot measured
  • Any leftover tossed tortilla pieces (under 50 percent), even if they land far away, will not count
  • Tossing style is FREE FORM and the following is acceptable:
    • Frisbee style
    • Discus style
    • Prayer style
    • Overhand
    • Underhand
    • Backhand

We took a turn each, Michael going first both times. You'll notice in the video above that our first toss was highly unsuccessful, but after a solid reset of focus, we showed the world that the SouthCoast breeds champions as we both destroyed Rush's newly-earned world record.

Here are the final results:

Michael Rock: 60 feet

Gazelle: 84 feet

Somebody alert the presses, call the Guinness people and start the planning at the Town Hall because it's pretty clear that we just earned a celebratory parade for this one.


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