To honor the passing of her grandmother, a Fall River-based photographer is offering a special experience that will bring loved ones together.

Megan Rego and her Vavo, Maria Olivia Correia, were thick as thieves. After Correia suddenly passed in November 2022, Rego realized how precious time is and how important it is to cherish family memories.

Vavo Becomes a Star on TikTok

Megan Rego is a portrait and lifestyle photographer out of Fall River who has become known for her gift of capturing special moments. In 2020, she blew up online thanks to her No. 1 muse: her Vavo.

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The relationship that Rego had with her grandmother was something truly special, and as she began sharing their relationship online, people began to fall in love with Maria.

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“She loved that she felt like she was helping me because she was in my photos," Rego said. Viewers online connected with Rego's grandmother in such a way that it encouraged Rego to share as much as possible. All kinds of people began to live vicariously through Rego to experience the magic that only a grandmother possesses.

From “doing deals” with the next-door neighbor for sweet bread and getting pampered in her living room, to teaching the younger generation how to properly make Portuguese-style soup, Correia and Rego reminded everyone how special the bond is between grandmother and grandchild.

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Honoring Maria

To honor her grandmother, Rego came up with the heartwarming idea of offering a photo session experience involving grandparents and grandchildren. “I just want people to have these memories forever,” Rego said. “People are ignorant to time and how much we have of it. If you still have a grandparent in your life, it’s a blessing. It’s only when they die that you say to yourself, ‘I wish I spent more time with them.’”

Megan Rego Photography
Megan Rego Photography

Rego hopes that the “Olivia Sessions” will bring lasting memories to families that they can hold on to forever. A photograph or a video has the power to bring us back to a time when we were surrounded by love and warmth. Rego hopes to capture that moment for families, as she has done for her own.

“I feel very, very special to know (Correia) and to have had her in my life for so long, and to have the knowledge that she would continuously give me,” she said. “It was all love, all the time. This is my way of honoring her.”

To learn more about the Olivia Sessions or to book an appointment, visit Rego’s website.

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