We felt like doing a Christmukkah bar crawl, so we made one.

Who really wants to do those overdone office parties? Who really wants to just do some silly Yankee swap? Keep your secret Santa a secret, because I'm not interested.

What I want is to go out with my friends, dress absolutely ridiculous and go drink beers. Is that too much to ask?

I'm not interested in those crazy huge overdone bar crawls, either. You can never get into the bar, it's always WAY too crowded. It's impossible to get to the bar. You'll inevitably lose your friends. Those crawls are cool, I guess, but I'm an old fart now and don't care about all of that. I just want to have beers with my friends.

Also, all those big crawls are usually just Christmas-centric. What we want is an all-are-welcome type of afternoon. I don't care what holiday you celebrate, or if you don't even celebrate one at all. Come hang drink and be happy. I suppose it's a sort of Festivus. A Festivus crawl! (I just realized we definitely dropped the ball on the name this year)

One way or another, it was epic. A lot of people judged us because it wasn't an "official" crawl, but the funny thing is, we couldn't care any less. Happy Festivus Crawl (that's the working name now). Feel free to join in on the fun next year!

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