It looks like Mayim Bialik is taking a little spring break from her Jeopardy! game show duties.  Bialik has been spotted trotting around New England over the past several days.

She was a guest speaker at Bryant College on Tuesday alongside the creator of her '90s television series Blossom.

"We had a blast talking about our respective crafts, our 35-year friendship, and answering questions about a Blossom reboot," the star said on social media. "For those of you who weren't there, we are working on it.  I mean, don't you wanna know what Blossom Russo's been up to?"

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Tuesday night, Mayim Bialik was spotted at Fenway Park taking in what ended up being one of the craziest Red Sox games so far this season. The Sox battled back to beat the Twins in extra innings.

Then, on Wednesday, Bialik took a ride to Providence where she said she enjoyed some of the best Italian food she's ever had. Needless to say, Bialik went to the epicenter of chicken parm and marinara sauce, Federal Hill.  After the meal, Bialik made a pretty bold statement.

"Cute pic of me in Federal Hill in front of the Old Canteen, best Italian food I think I’ve ever had!"

Even all these years after opening, a strong endorsement like that from a celebrity like Bialik must be nice to hear.

Joe Marzilli's Old Canteen restaurant is right next to the gateway arch on Federal Hill.

The Jeopardy! host was not able to get a definitive answer to the age-old question of whether or not the arch features a pinecone or a pineapple. It's unlikely that it will be an answer on the popular game show anytime soon.

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